Cairns Student Lodge

How does CSL compare with other student accommodation or student housing in the region? read more

CSL offers an unbeatable location within walking distance to JCU, and close to public transport facilities for easy access to Cairns city, CQU, and TAFE. All rooms at CSL have been specifically purpose built with the requirements of students in mind, and the CSL community provides support from a dedicated, on-site team.

How do I book a room? read more

At CSL rooms are booked through the online booking form. If you are staying for a Semester, full academic year, or a short-term stay (less than 12 weeks), please click the ‘Apply now’ button at the top of the page and select the appropriate option.

For group enquiries, please complete the enquiry form on the ‘Contact us’ page or call CSL’s General Manager Hamish Allardice on 0478 078 456.

What happens after I complete my online application form? read more

Once you have completed the online application form, one semester and full-year applicants will receive the rental contract agreement and associated forms via email. International applicants must complete and return the R18 form. Domestic applicants must complete the R18 form and the direct debit authority.

CSL will email short-term stay students a confirmation on completion of the online application form.

When is my room confirmed? read more

For semester and full-year applicants your room is confirmed when you have completed and returned all the required documentation, and CSL have receipted your fees for the entire contract period.

Who is eligible to stay at CSL? read more

From March 2017 CSL considers domestic students as those that are:

  • a citizen of Australia, New Zealand, or Papua New Guinea,
  • a dual citizen of Australia and any other country, or;
  • a Permanent Resident of Australia.

Who is considered an international student? read more

CSL consider international students as those who:

  • a citizen of any country except Australia, New Zealand, or Papua New Guinea,
  • a temporary resident of Australia,
  • a Permanent Resident of New Zealand or Papua New Guinea.

What are the types of rooming agreements? read more

There are three types of rooming agreements available for residents.

  • A 42-week rooming agreement paid in full in advance
  • A 21-week rooming agreement paid in full in advance
  • A 21-week rooming agreement paid fortnightly (every second week) in advance (available to domestic students only).

When does my rooming agreement begin? read more

CSL’s 42-week rooming agreements start at the beginning of the year and span throughout Semester 1 and 2. If you are studying in Australia for one semester (half a year) we also offer a limited number of 21-week rooming agreements subject to availability. 21-week agreements typically start at the beginning of the year (for students studying in Semester 1) and July (for students studying in Semester 2).

How long can I stay? read more

Your rooming agreement typically begins at the beginning of the year or in July. If you reach the end of your agreement and wish to extend it, CSL can roll it over for another 21 or 42-week period.

Who signs the rooming agreement? read more

Three signatures are required on the rooming agreement: the person renting the room, the CSL General Manager, and a witness. A witness is defined as being any person over the age of 18 who knows the person renting the room.

Do you offer short-term stays? read more

CSL does provide the option of short-term stays. Rates are higher for short-term stays as GST applies, and preference is given to those who wish to stay for full semesters. If you are interested in staying with us short term, please email email/info)( for a short-term application form.

Can I choose whom I live with? read more

At CSL you can choose who to live with provided a few conditions are met:

  • your preferred people must be included on your preferences, and you must be included on theirs,
  • your preferred people must be of the same gender,
  • and rooms must be full.

Do I need to pay a rental bond? read more

In lieu of a rental bond, CSL requires a signed direct debit authority for all domestic students.

What happens if I damage something? read more

At CSL we have taken care that all our facilities look their best, but we understand that sometimes things happen. In the case of damage beyond normal wear and tear, we will fix it and charge you the cost; payment is then expected within 14 days of you being notified of the cost. For full details, please see the Fees and Charges Schedule.

What payment methods are available? read more

Fees for 21-week and 42-week paid in full in advance rooming agreements can be paid by direct credit, cash (in person at reception), or by credit card (over the phone or in person). Please note that credit card fees apply and will depend on the type of credit card being used.

For 21-week paid fortnightly in advance rooming agreements, a direct debit authority must be completed and payment made via direct debit from an Australian bank account. Payment cannot be accepted via credit card or direct credit.

Will my rent be increased during my stay? read more

CSL guarantees that rent will not be increased during the length of your rooming agreement.

Why do I need to register an emergency contact? read more

When you book your room at CSL we will ask you for the name of a trusted friend or relative to be your emergency contact. Your emergency contact is the person we will call in an emergency situation, or if you are experiencing financial hardship and are having difficulty meeting your rental payments.

Is CSL safe? read more

Your safety is our priority so we have external professional security patrols three (week days) or four (weekends) nights per week, and each of our residents are issued with an identification card. In addition, there is always a member of our staff on site and available to assist you.

Do you have disability friendly rooms? read more

Wheelchair-accessible rooms are available at CSL subject to availability. To discuss your particular requirements with our friendly staff please call on (NUMBER) or email us at email/info)(

Am I able to purchase bed linen and towels? read more

Yes, CSL offers linen packs for double or single beds. You can order your linen pack on arrival at reception, or before you arrive. Linen packs cost $95 and include 2 sheets, a pillow and case, 2 towels, and a bath mat.

How do I access the Internet at CSL? read more

Wi-Fi is included in your room fees and is accessible throughout CSL. For directions on connecting your device to CSL’s Wi-Fi please ask reception on arrival.

How do I get to CSL from the airport? read more

CSL is located approximately 15km from the Cairns airport. Transport options from the airport are via taxi or shuttle bus.

The cost of a taxi is approximately $50 and can be booked by phoning 131 008. A transfer with Trinity Beach Transfers costs approximately $35; to book please contact John or Debbi via Facebook (Trinity Beach Transfers), email email/trinitybeachtransfers)(, or by phone: 0417 767 642 (John), 0408 878 530 (Debbi), 07 4055 3363 (Office).

The Sunpalm shuttle bus costs approximately $20; for details on booking visit the website at

How do I get to JCU from CSL? read more

JCU is located less than 10 minutes’ walk from CSL. An underpass beneath the Captain Cook Highway ensures the walk is safe and direct.

How do I get from CSL to Cairns city? read more

Public transport is available from the end of Faculty Close, or from JCU. The bus ride from CSL or JCU into Cairns city is approximately 30 minutes’ duration, or 10 minutes to the northern beaches.

How do I find our about religious organisations? read more

Cairns offers support for multiple religious denominations. If you have identified a religious organisation that you wish to attend, our helpful staff will assist you in finding the best way to get there. JCU also has a number of religious student groups that may be of interest.

How do I find out about sporting organisations? read more

JCU student association has a student support centre can help you to connect with locally run sporting clubs. There are a number of clubs in the area offering a wide variety of sports.

Are there laundries at CSL? read more

CSL has three laundries on site that contain multiple washers and dryers. There are also washing lines for use by residents if you prefer to air dry your clothing. The washers and dryers at CSL are large commercial machines that cost $3 per wash and $3 per dry using $1 and $2 coins; laundry detergent is automatically added to the load. If you need to exchange notes for coins in order to do your washing, our helpful staff at reception are happy to assist.

What is the food like at CSL? read more

Our chefs are committed to providing a range of healthy dishes that are appropriate for a number of cultural and religious preferences, including halal and vegan. Food is served buffet style with multiple dishes offered at each meal, so you are sure to find something to your taste. Our kitchen team encourages residents to suggest potential meal options.

How do I get parcels delivered? read more

CSL residents’ mail is delivered via the mailbox system in the Dining Hall. If you receive a delivery that is too big to fit in your mailbox, a note will be left notifying you that you have a delivery. If you receive a notice in your mailbox you can collect your parcel from reception. Staff can sign on your behalf if a parcel requires a signature on delivery.

Are there any medical facilities close by? read more

Yes, Smithfield Medical Centre is opposite CSL and appointments are available until 5.30pm. Phone 4057 7300 or book online at Smithfield Medical Centre

Marlin Coast Amcal pharmacy (phone 4057 8944) is also located opposite CSL and is open 8am to 8pm.

For after hours appointments House Call Doctors can visit you at CSL. Appointments can be booked by phoning 13 55 66, online at House Call Doctor, or via the mobile app. International students can find specific information at House Call Doctor

Are there gyms close by? read more

There is a gym located cross the road from CSL in the Campus Shopping Village, and a YMCA gym within walking distance that offers student discounts. The JCU Student Association also runs a popular gym at reduced rates for students. Please contact the JCU Student Association for more information.

Are there swimming pools close by? read more

The Smithfield Marlin Coast pool is within walking distance. They offer a 50-metre outdoor pool, a 25-metre covered pool, swim squad, and swim coaching.

Do I need a car? read more

A car is not necessary as CSL is located within walking distance to JCU, biking distance to the northern beaches, and is nearby public transport links. If you do wish to bring a car there is ample parking available.

Is there parking available at CSL? read more

CSL has ready access to free on and off-street parking. For use of the free off-street parking at CSL you are required to register your car with reception.

Can I bring my bicycle? read more

CSL provides plenty of covered bike storage areas. If you don’t have a bicycle but would like one, JCU has a recycled bicycle program. Bicycles sell for approximately $50 each and they can be sold back to the program when you leave.